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How can a Bookkeeper help you?

This is a question I am often asked….. In a nutshell - a bookkeeper records the financial transactions of a business. Keeping accurate financial records is not only a legal requirement but also a valuablebusiness management tool. Keeping financial records allow a business to monitortheir income and expenditure and to track budgets. This then means action canbe taken if problems arise. The systems used to record this information willvary from business to business, but the principals are th...

December 8, 2021


Especially with the snazzy accounting software like Xero, that we have available to use now? That is an excellent question which I will answer for you now. Bookkeeping is one of those necessary tasks that all business’s, no matter the size, has to do. There are regular commitments that have to be made to Inland Revenue such as PAYE, GST, annual accounts etc. To achieve these targets your bookkeeping must be up to date and accurate. Life and Business has Become So Much Busier Chances are when y...

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