So...why should you use a bookkeeper?

Especially with the snazzy accounting software like Xero, that we have available to use now?

That is an excellent question which I will answer for you now.

Bookkeeping is one of those necessary tasks that all business’s, no matter the size, has to do. There are regular commitments that have to be made to Inland Revenue such as PAYE, GST, annual accounts etc. To achieve these targets your bookkeeping must be up to date and accurate.

Life and Business has Become So Much Busier

Chances are when you first started out in business you only had a handful of transactions to enter each week and staying on top of that was fairly easy. If your business has now grown and become more complex, staying on top of all the bookkeeping has possibly become much harder and more time consuming.

If you are working all day IN your business and then turning around in the evenings, or in your precious weekends, and having to do the bookwork, you are probably having very little time to work ON your business. Let alone have some YOU time!

That is where a bookkeeper comes in!

You Don’t Have the Desire to do Your Bookwork

Some of us love doing bookkeeping and fussing around with numbers – and some of us don’t!! They would rather do anything else rather than sit down to sort out the invoicing or bank reconciliation etc. If you fall into this last category then you definitely need one of us who falls into the FIRST category to help you out!

Accurate Details Provided to Your Accountant

The more accurate and complete the details are that you provide to your Accountant for your Annual Accounts to be completed, the easier their job will be.

If you have been doing your own cashbook and bookkeeping the chances are some of the transactions may not have been completed 100% accurately. As a Bookkeeper we can help you to ensure that all those details are checked over and corrected where necessary. It is so easy to enter transactions slightly incorrectly, or add new assets to the wrong account, or introduce new funds and allocate them in the wrong way and the list goes on.

We Can Give You a Different Perspective of Your Business

Sometimes it is highly valuable to have someone else, like a professional Bookkeeper, look inside your business and give you some feedback on how the financial side of your business is looking. It is  so easy to get caught up in the day to day running of the business that you lose sight of some of the more mundane but important aspects of the business.

Snazzy Bookkeeping can not only look after the day to day management of your accounts and bookwork, but can also complete regular checks and analysis of your accounts and your business. The information gathered and feedback provided, can be invaluable for you to check how you are progressing, ensuring you have enough working capital and a whole list of other checks that I will cover in another blog post.

Know Your Dealing with a Professional

When you take the plunge and decide to have a Bookkeeper come in to give you some help and work with you on the financial side of your business, you want to know you are dealing with a professional. You want to know that you can trust this person with your financial information.

Snazzy Bookkeeping is a Certified Member of the NZ Bookkeepers Association to give you peace of mind that we know what we are doing.

Security of Your Information

You will also want to be ensured that your information is kept secure and private.

At Snazzy Bookkeeping we take our role very seriously and also know, from first-hand experience, how hard it is to allow someone else to look over your shoulder at what is ACTUALLY happening inside your business. This is especially hard if things aren’t going as well as you feel they should. But this is exactly WHY it is important to have some help and gain some clarity as to what is happening and if everything is being recorded as it should.

Maybe some invoicing has been overlooked and not sent out; maybe people are taking way too long to pay their bills to you; maybe the GST hasn’t been accounted for and claimed back as it should…..so many things that we can assist you with to make your life a wee bit easier!!

If you would like to find out more about having one of the Complete Office Services team help you out, give us a call for an obligation free chat.

We love talking business and figures and our passion is seeing YOU succeed. Contact us here.